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july 01, 2013
Download the full scientific program (authors and titles of lectures and oral presentations, schedules, etc..) Here

Full Program
Exhibition for MP2013 by the artist Benard VENET : 84 Arcs / Disorder 2013 (see and clic on the right)
The new museum "MUCEM" is now open. This is the flagship of Marseille2013 located opposite the Palais du Pharo. clic on right picture



ESOC 2015 is on line

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The 18th European Symposium on Organic Chemistry (ESOC 2013) will be held in Marseille, on the Mediterranean coast of France, from July 7th to 12th, 2013.
The intention is to emphasize on the multidisciplinary character of cutting-edge organic chemistry and, accordingly, to put together academics, industrials and students from different branches of the field.

The ESOC 2013 is centered on organic chemistry paying attention to the interfaces with biology, physic and material sciences and will cover the following major topics: New Synthetic Methods, Catalysis, Total Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Supramolecular Chemistry, Synthesis of Functional Materials, Physical Organic Chemistry.

The ESOC 2013 is organized by the «Institut des Sciences Moléculaires de Marseille» (iSm2) from Aix-Marseille Université. The program will include 13 plenary and 10 invited lectures as well as 3 presentations by young talented chemists. In addition, 42 oral communications will be given and two poster sessions will take place.

Monday july 01, 2013
you may still register on sunday 7th at the desk in Palais du Pharo to participate at esoc2013

July 04, 2013
Programs of ESOC 2013 :
- Download short version (1 page)
- Download the full program (14 pages)


ESOC2013 will start on July 7 at 6PM


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on the left the Palais du Pharo. on the right the MUCEM

 New for Marseille 2013: The sea wall is both near and far away, a symbolic strip of land separating the port from the open sea

Fort saint Jean, from Palais du Pharo: on tje right the Vieux Port ; on the left the new MUCEM

May 3 and 4 , "Entre flammes et flots" (Between flames and floods) on the Vieux Port , a new performance for MP2013 (Marseille european capital of culture 2013)

Below: in April 2013 dor MP2013 : CHAMP HARMONIQUE, the wind plays music : exhibition in the calanques, next to marseille for Marseille2013

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